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New payment options

Stripe payment method

We just added a new payment method for our SpiderScribe subscription plans. Before today all recurring payments were processed through PayPal and required creating/having a PayPal account. Now we added the possibility to process credit cards without leaving our website (through Stripe.com) and without a need to create a PayPal account.

As before, SpiderScribe does not store the credit card information and we have no access to our clients credit cards.

Also, now the payment information will be requested at the end of the free trial, not at the start. It means you can try SpiderScribe without entering any credit card information.

Featured map: smartQ Road Map

smartQ Road MapsmartQ – a popular project management application – uses SpiderScribe to display the upcoming features in a visual way. [ link ]


1 year

This weekend we reached an important milestone – one year since SpiderScribe has been released!

It has been a great year – we have been improving the product, collecting feedback and making plans for new features to come. We are looking forward for another great year!

Featured map: Super Bowl Winners

Super Bowl Winners

Test stylesWe just expanded text stencils formatting with bold / italic / strikethrough options. This will offer you extra ways to present information – strikethrough for accomplished tasks, for example?

Zoom range extended

We just extended the zoom range all the way down to 15% – it will make it easier to navigate very large maps.

Halloween is here! Carve your virtual pumpkin with no mess and send it to your friends and family! [ click here ]

Featured Map: 5pm Road Map

5pm project management app (www.5pmweb.com) used SpiderScribe to visualize its 5pm Road Map (features in development).

Benefits of such approach:

  • Visual representation of information and the connection between related features
  • Easily embedded directly into your website – just cut and paste the HTML code
  • Always up to date and displays the latest version – no need to re-post it (like with static images)
  • Can be easily navigated and moved around
  • and it just looks nice, without much effort…

Do you have an app, a service, a product you are developing? Did you consider posting its road map or the list of existing features as an interactive SpiderScribe map? You may want to give it a try!

Full size Image Viewer added

Now you can view images directly inside SpiderScribe by just double clicking on them!

The graphical map of all 26 sporting events for London 2012 Olympics.