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Auto-snap stencils on drag

Want to make your maps neater? Now you can enable auto-snap to align your stencils with each other or the grid.

New stencil and text colors!

We just added new stencil colors — the darker ones. Text colors were added as well. Give it a try!

Search in maps

Search inside maps is now available!

Navigator panel for large maps

We re-introduced in our new version of SpiderScribe the Navigator panel — it allows you to browse the large maps easier.

We just added the Zoom Map feature to make it easier to navigate large maps (the shortcut for it is CTRL +/-).

And we added the “Duplicate” feature to the stencil’s menu (you can also copy stencils by selecting them and using copy-paste, even between maps, with CTRL+C, CTRL+V).

We are working right now on the Navigator panel, to help you navigate large maps even easier.

We just added the ability to easily duplicate maps. This allows you also to make your own copies of the maps that you can not edit, and modify them.

We also added support for SVG images and made other improvements.

We keep working on our new version of SpiderScribe and today we just released a big update.

Now you can export your maps as images. Also, you can drag existing connectors between stencils to re-link them to different stencils or delete. The issues with the order of overlapping stencils were addressed.

We just added the map “Share” function to our new version of SpiderScribe (v2). Now you can share your maps with others, or even make the maps public.

Share Maps

Also, copy/paste is now supported — you can easily duplicate stencils with CTRL+C/CTRL+V. Use CTRL+drag for area-select and CTRL+click to add to selection.

Next feature to be released will be map export.

Editing Mode now available!

We just added the editing capabilities to SpiderScribe v2 (beta).

Now you can create new maps, edit your stencils and connections (undo/redo is also supported), upload images and files, etc. And you do not need Flash for that anymore!

v2 is still in beta and we will be adding the rest of the features and the new ones shortly. Stay tuned!

We have been working on a new version of SpiderScribe (that does not use Flash) for some time now. Today we just released its beta version. It is limited to the read-only mode, so you will be able to navigate and use your maps, but not edit them — that will come next.

When you open SpiderScribe, you will see a button to switch to this new version at the bottom of the screen. You can switch between the legacy SpiderScribe (for those of you who can still run it) and the new non-Flash versions at any time.

There is also a direct link to the non-Flash version:

For Business and EDU accounts, with custom domains:

We are working now on adding the editing capabilities to the new version and we also plan to add many new features to it.

You can email your questions and feedback to support [at] spiderscribe.net.